Martini Salad

*pets poor, lonely, deglected livejournal*

Yes, I'm still around. Been keeping busy, that's for sure. Did a lot of sewing for Dragon Con, which I'll do a post or two on here soon (with pictures!) and I've been doing more sewing since I got back.

Decided instead of wishing I had an apron whenever I cook, and thinking I should go buy one, that I would sew one instead. Been working on it here and there as I have free time. I'll have to post pictures of it when it's completed.

Also been researching Victorian fashion. A couple of us are talking about doing steampunk costumes next year and another girl is thinking of sewing a Victorian costume.

Since I've spent most of my sewing years drooling over Tudor and Medieval dresses I had to hunt down info on Victorian dresses. And now, after seeing some of the designs, I'm drooling all over them!

Not sure what I'm going to do for Halloween this year. mari_posa21 had invited me to a Loli group trip to Chicago, but unfortunately I out grew or got rid of all my Goth stuff several years ago and am lacking the extra funds to either make and/or buy an outfit for the trip.

However, I do have Halloween off this year and will be making the most of it since it is my all time favorite holiday. :-)

After some debating, I also request my birthday off. It falls on a Friday this year and I am bound and determined to do something for it. Now just got to think of something!
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Wussed by Shatner

retail therapy vs nerd heaven...

First off, since I haven't updated since this happened....HOLY CRAP! WILLIAM SHATNER IS GOING TO BE AT DRAGON CON!!!!!!

That means William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Patrick Stewart are the MAJOR names coming to the con and I have died and went to nerd heaven!

I went shopping today. I've been holding out for a while now and over the past month have realized that a major shopping trip was going to be needed before Dragon Con.

So today, I got up, showered and then went out and splurged a little.

First stop was Jo-Ann Fabrics for a set of pinking shears. I had a 40% off coupon to use on them and they are going to come in handy for trimming the seams on my Abyssal dress. Which, btw, is done except for the seam trimming and a good pressing!

Also, mari_posa21 is you need to use the pinking shears before the con, just let me know!

The store also had their Simplicity patterns on sale 5 for $5, so I took them up on the offer.

Old Navy was my next stop. I needed to get another pair of jeans and they are running a sale on their denim. I have to say that they've won me back over with their 'The Dreamer' line of jeans. They fit nicely and the first pair/size I tried on worked.

And for those who may not know, shopping for jeans is the BANE of my existence!

I splurged a little in Old Navy and ended up getting a denim skirt, because I have NO skirts whatsoever right now, and I miss wearing cute skirts, and a bright green print t-shirt to wear at the convention since it's sort of my signature now.

Next stop was Victoria's Secret, for a black strapless bra. got tired of paying a small amount at box retail stores and having those bras crap out on me, so I dropped the extra money for a strapless at VS and that bra is not only going to hold up the girls, but quite possible teach them some new tricks! ^_^

Did a quick stop at Icing's jewelry store afterward to get a mini wallet case for the con trip. The two pouches that I've sewn for the Abyssal dress and my Tudor dress would be overwhelmed by my regular wallet.

And my final stop was Payless Shoes because in their email ad they have a pair of black boots that I thought my work for my Abyssal costume. Turns out they hurt my feet like crazy, but I spotted a pair of very low heeled, pointy-toed dress 'flats' that look bad ass.

They are now on my feet so I can break them in before the con. :-)

I also splurged a little in Payless because they were running a buy one pair and get the second half off and I spotted a pair of grey ankle boots that I practically wanted to lick when I first saw them.

They've got some major heels on them, but I can wear them for everyday wear when I'll be sitting off and on.

Tomorrow, Mom and I will be going to the State fair to see Heart and the Bangles in concert...a treat from my Dad.

Mom and I have started this almost ritual where we go see one major concert a year together.

Last year, it was Weird Al Yankovic. :-)

And now, I get to get around for work.
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It's alive!!!

Hi Livejournal, that which I have been slightly neglecting when it comes to posting.

Been busy and also sick so my motivation for posting has been at almost zero. Still working on the Abyssal costume dress, but I'm almost done with it. Just have to take it in in a few spots, hem it and then press the seams and it should be all set.

I plan on taking my Tudor dress too, which I need to stitch the farthengale in a few spots. Putting the petticoat through the washer found a few weak spots in the stitching. No problem though, that's a quick fix.

I also want to make two drawstring pouches to go along with the Abyssal and Tudor dresses. I've already got a black velvet that I'm going to use for the Abyssal's bag, and I think I'm going to root through my collection of brocades and see if anything in there would work for the Tudor's bag.

Started reading an interesting book a few days ago, The Magicians by Lev Grossman. Kept hearing about it and how if you liked Harry Potter, you'd like it.

Well, I do like it so far. But I'd actually compare it with two particular series, the Harry Potter series and the Narnia series.

Have to say that I have a hard time tearing myself away from reading it at night so I can get some sleep.
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Cutler Pleased

It's like one big long day....but it's okay,

I haven't slept much over the past several nights. It's mainly my own fault, though I am going through one of my phases where I tend to wake up every hour or so.

Despite the lack of sleep and a six day headache, I'm doing pretty okay.

Guess I should explain the headache thing, first. (It's not a tumah!)

Wednesday I opened at work. When I woke I felt odd but was running on automatic so I got around and went to work.

While going through the opening process for the store, I realized I kept making really stupid mistakes. Ones that I wouldn't normally make, even while running on auto pilot that early in the morning. On top of that, I just kept feeling more and more odd and dizzy.

Finally decided that as soon as the store manager came in, I was going to take off, which would have been around noon or 1PM.

Well, around 8AM one of the assistant store managers came in for an office day. I told him I was going to take off as soon as the store manager came in for her closing shift because I felt strange.

He ended up letting me go home then because he didn't have much planned for his office day and one of the other merchandise managers was coming in for her office day too.

Good thing too, that I got to leave when I did. About an hour after getting home, I was hit with a full blown migraine. I just instantly went to sleep and slept the entire day.

That's only the second migraine I've ever had. I usually get tension headaches, which suck in their own right, but the first and only other migraine I had was five years ago.

The problem I have when I get any type of headache is that they last for days. Granted it's not a migraine anymore, but having a headache for almost a week is a royal pain in the ass.

Fortunately, I can keep it down to a mild roar with just regular asprin.

What'll really help is getting my sleep schedule back on track. I'm within a day of being able
to do that. It's going to be a real shock to my system, but it needs done.

Today was one of those screwy work days. I had to be at the store at 7AM for the managers' meeting, then myself and one of the other merch managers will be back there at 6PM for an 'overnight.'

I use the term loosely here, because it'll probably be more like we'll be out of there by midnight at the latest.

Tomorrow I'm closing, and then Wednesday is when the kicker will be, because I open. Lotsa coffee on that day!!!

Last Thursday, hobbitgal came up to visit. I hadn't seen her in year. We had a lot of fun on our day out. We went shopping, hitting up Best Buy (hooray for the Michael Jackson CD!), Borders and Target. The we went to Applebee's for supper (thanks again for supper Azzie!) and Cold Store Creamery for desert.

Afterward, we headed over to the movie theater and saw a late showing of the new Harry Potter movie. Which is awesome!

Then we came back to the Barnes and Noble parking lot, which is where my truck was parked and ended up talking until 2AM! :-)

I'm so glad I got to see you again, Azzie! And we definitely need to hang out again soon! :-)
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Cutler Pleased

Harry Potter!

Wasn't feeling well yesterday, but I got up and went to work in the morning, anyway.

After catching and fixing about the fifth really stupid mistake I'd just made, I realized I wasn't able to concentrate. Thank goodness, one of the other managers showed up not too long after that and let me go home.

I ended up sleeping most the day and night. Woke up late today too, but I'm feeling much better.

Right now, I'm just messing around on my computer before heading out to meet hobbitgal for shopping, dinner and a movie.

I'm so excited!!! I haven't seen Azzie in forever!

Spent the morning cleaning my place. The floors needed swept again. (Poppy's and Anubis are now BOTH in full shed mode.) And I wanted to scrub the bathtub is an SOS pad to try and get some of the paint spatter out from when they redid it before I moved in.

Last week, when I as at my parents' place, I was scratching one of their dogs belly's (Oreo) when I found a lump. Dad took her to the vet on Tuesday to have it looked at and they found out it was cancerous and needed to be removed. Happily, they had an appointment open yesterday and she went in for surgery.

Dad called yesterday afternoon to let me know that the surgery went well. The tumor was encased in fat and wasn't attached to anything so they think they got it all. He also said Oreo was doing well and was fairly perky even after being operated on. :-)
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